tuition fees

Dublin Latchkey, Inc. is a NON-PROFIT organization and is totally dependent upon user fees for its operation. The annual cost of childcare is divided into nine (9) equal payments: August/September through May/June. An annual registration fee provides funds for insurance payment and yearly start up supplies and expenses.

There are two (2) categories of students: full-time and part-time. Full-time students attend up to every day during the month for each session they are enrolled. Part-time students attend 12 times or less during the month for each session they are enrolled. An additional charge of $12 per morning and $15 per afternoon will be assessed to those exceeding 12 visits.

2019-2020 School Year Fees

Elementary School Program

Monthly Status
First Child
Second Child
Full-Time AM
Part-Time AM
Full-Time PM
Part-Time PM


Middle School Program

Monthly Status
First Child
Second Child
7:00 AM Session
6:00 Pick Up FT
5:30 Pick Up FT
Part-Time PM


Part-time is defined as a child attending 12 days or less per month. Please call the administrative office to determine if there is a part-time spot open at your school site. Part-time spots are on a first come, first serve basis.

Miscellaneous Fees

Registration Fee: $35 a family
Late Payment Fee $10 / $20 (if past the 15th of the month)
Returned Check Fee $30
Late Pick Up Fee $1 per minute after 6:00 pm
 Failure to Notify of Absence $10.00
Change Enrollment Status $30 per occurrence, first change is free


Payment Method

There are 9 equal payments for the school year: September through May. With holidays and breaks, the payments balance out over the year. Each monthly payment must be made by the 5th school day of the month. Late fees will be applied after this date.

  1. Personal check at the school site
    • use the drop box next to the sign in / sign out sheets at your school site.
  2. Bank check
    • Your bank or third party can issue a check to be sent to our main office
      • Atten: Office Manager, 5970 Venture Drive, Dublin, Ohio 43017
    • Please remember we must receive the payment by the 5th school day. You will need to send the check earlier to meet this due date.
    • Please make sure you have the following in the memo:
      • Your CHILD's name(s)
      • Your CHILD's school
  3. EFT
    • EFT Start Date for New accounts will be in October of each school year and run through May. If you reenroll for the following year, it will continue again in October.
    • There is a bank fee of $0.35 PER transaction, an annual cost is $2.80 per year.
    • Payment will occur on the 4th day of each month (unless on weekend or bank holiday, it will occur the next business day). Please know that the amount will be taken out of the account independent of the funds available.
    • Please ask for the form from your Lead teacher or our Office.

    Download EFT Form